Viral Videos

What? Viral videos? How can they be of any use intellectually or creatively?





You’re a magpie. Well, you’re not, you’re a human being (or so I imagine, no need to be exclusive!) but your mind is a magpie. If it’s shiny, if it’s colourful, if it rhymes, has a hook, provokes an emotional response, it’s worth adding to your mental nest. Who knows what you might make out of it?


So, here are some videos I’ve liked, and I’ll add more as I find/remember them. Feel free to suggest any others!

Potter Puppet Pals

From the Prods master-post:

And of course the all-time favourite, The Mysterious Ticking Noise. Again, I accept no responsibility for the earworm status of this song!

A Second a Day

Those of you in my exhibition group will have already seen this, but we’re onto a total mood whiplash now (If you don’t know what mood whiplash is, head on over to the TVTropes subtab!).

This is a good visualisation of some of the realities of noncombatants in a warzone.



….This page is a WORK IN PROGRESS. If you have anything you think I should add to it, let me know!….


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