TV Tropes


I’m about to ruin your life.

Ok, not really, but this website is super addictive, and will totally change the way you think critically about the media you consume. Mostly that’s a good thing… but it may result in other people having no idea what you’re talking about, and then you’ll have to refer them to the website in turn. It’s like a memetic virus, and you’ve just been exposed.


What’s a trope? I’d best let someone else describe.

Mostly you’ll already know that these pop-culture units exist – you just never had a name for it before.

Are you pissed off that the awesome girl in your favourite franchise has been reduced to a Damsel in Distress just so that the male characters can have someone to rescue?

There’s a trope for that.

Have you suddenly noticed that a lot of your favourite artwork, from traditional fine art to TV to comic books, uses suspiciously similar poses?


So enjoy. You’ve found a new playground. Go explore. 




….This page is a WORK IN PROGRESS. If you have anything you think I should add to it, let me know!….


What do you think?

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