Right, this should be the least awful of the personal pages. At least I hope so!

I love to write. Well, actually that’s not strictly true – I love to invent shit, and writing it down gives me a chance to share it with people. Because they tend to get a bit creeped out when you just sit them down and go “HEY WANNA HEAR ABOUT THIS ELABORATE FANTASY WORLD I CREATED IN MY HEAD FOR NO GOOD REASON IT’S GOT PIRANHA SPIDERS NO WAIT WHERE ARE YOU GOING?”

So… yeah. Clicky clicky on stuff that catches your eye. Most of them are links to blog posts. Some may go to external places but only the very best, loveliest, smelling-of-roses alternate dimensions. Nothing that’s going to give your computer any horrible diseases, cross my heart and hope to die. Well, not DIE. Maybe bang my elbow on something but like, REALLY painfully.


Short Stories



Longer Fiction


Oinkerella and the Honking Great Slipper






What do you think?

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