Statement of Ethical Use for Survey Entitled “Designing an Autism-Friendly Sustainability Gallery”.

Hello! If you’ve arrived at this post you’re one of the participants in my survey to help design a new autism-friendly gallery for Eureka, the National Children’s Museum. This document is going to explain exactly how your responses are going to be used and who will be able to see them.

Firstly, by taking the survey you’re confirming that you’ve read this document.

Secondly, by taking the survey you’re confirming that you are over eighteen. If you’re not, please ask someone over eighteen to complete it on your behalf. This is because the ethical approval I have been given by my university only allows me to use responses from over eighteens. Obviously I have no way of checking, but I’m going to choose to trust you!

You’ll notice when you take the survey that it doesn’t ask for your name, address, email address or any contact details or identifying information. This is because the survey is entirely anonymous. In the report I’m writing based on this survey you will be referred to by a number, if I have to quote a response in detail. Even I won’t know who you are.

Your responses will only be used in context, in a sensitive and responsible way. You can trust me not to twist your meaning or misrepresent you in any way.

The only people other than me who will see your anonymous responses are the staff at Eureka (the National Children’s Museum) and possibly any architect or design company they choose to help build the gallery, along with the University of Leeds staff member who marks my report as a contribution to my postgraduate course. Nothing you say will be used for publicity purposes or shown to the wider public.

Everyone else apart from me who sees your responses will see them in a printed form. They will not be able to find out any metadata (for example, your IP address) from your responses.

The survey is hosted on, who have their own privacy policy that’s separate from what I’m doing. You can read it here. Those of you who received your invitation by email were sent it manually and privately from my university email address – I did not use SurveyMonkey’s own messaging service so you can discount that part of the policy.

Right, that’s it! If you continue back to the survey from this point you’re confirming that you’ve read everything I’ve written here and you are 100% ok with how your data is going to be used. Thank you so much for helping make Eureka a yet more autism-friendly place!

Find the survey again here if you’ve lost the link!

Part One

Part Two

(If you choose to explore the rest of this blog from here, please be aware that this is my personal blog. None of the content is in any way connected with Eureka, the University of Leeds or any entity or organisation other than little old me. There shouldn’t be anything disturbing, although certain of the creative writing pieces may involve adult topics or language.)


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